Blog like a hacker

Few days ago I came across an article describing how to create a blog using GitHub pages and Jekyll. The idea of creating a blog post by committing it into your Git repo looked kind of fun to me, so I decided to give it a try. This post is the place where I will keep the journal of the experiment.


My first blog post and the first issues. Default markdown parser does not understand GitHub style fenced blocks for code snippets. Fixed the issue using the Liquid tag for highligting {% highlight %}. This is not an ideal fix because that breaks GitHub’s own Markdown preview. Will try to find a better solution.


Jekyll automatically generates posts excerts. Want to display full posts on the main page. Found a way to controll excerts generation here.


Switched to Redcarpet for Markdown processing. This way I can get GitHub style fenced blocks with Pygments highlighting for code snippets.


Reinitialized the repo to remove Jekyll Now commits history.


Switched back to kramdown as a part of GitHub’s Jekyll 3.0 upgrade. New syntax highlights CSS from mojombo.

Written on October 28, 2014